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The Benton County News is a weekly newspaper published every Tuesday in Foley, MN 56329. Foley, the county seat of Benton County, was named for one of several brothers who came from Canada in the early 1880's. One of them, John Foley, helped build the town which became incorporated in 1900. Foley was named the seat of Benton County in 1902. The Benton County News was founded by Severyn D. Youso in 1932 and was run by the family until Star Publications purchased the paper on January 1, 2018. As a small weekly paper with a circulation of about 1,400, we hope to help maintain a sense of community, and provide a forum for news of local interest and benefit.

(USPA 050 - 620)
Benton County News
Foley, Minnesota 56329
Phone 320-968-7220
Fax 320-968-8821

The Benton County News is an official legal newspaper for Benton County, the City of Foley, Foley School District #51, and surrounding townships. Published at the County Seat of Benton County, Minnesota every TUESDAY morning and entered as Periodicals.

Postage at Foley, Minnesota 56329