The current Benton County News building above was built in 1949 after a fire destroyed the previous structure.
On November 10 the Central Minnesota area was hit with a storm that was the largest November event since the 1991 "Halloween Blizzard." According to the National Weather Service, the City of Foley received over 11 inches, but several locals were taking measurements closer to 13 inches. Central Minnesota had the most snow in the state, with St. Augusta receiving the most snow at 16.5 inches, Princeton next at 14.5 inches, and the St. Cloud Airport logging in at 13.2 inches. According to St. Cloud readings, the storm set a new record for a 24-hour November snowfall, which broke the 1975 record of 10.9 inches. The storm raised memories of the Armistice Day Blizzard on November 11-12, 1940 which dropped 16.6 inches of snow in the St. Cloud area. The snow from this storm is likely to stick around as low temperatures are expected to stay in the single digits in the coming days. Pictured above, the City of Foley Public Works Department was busy clearing away the storm's aftermath, including Public Works Director Mark Pappenfus coming up the hill on Main Street in the plow truck.

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